Residential Locksmith chevy chase md

Want to replace or add more locks for security

Many times, simply rekeying a lock (changing the inside tumbler mechanism) and providing new keys is the right solution. In fact, that’s often what people mean when they say “I want to change the lock.” However, sometimes ‘change the lock’ really does mean CHANGE THE LOCK.

You might decide to do this if your existing locks look outdated or don’t fit in with a change in your home’s decor or home remodel. Our mobile, residential locksmith services are just a quick call away and we happily provide free estimates.

Another good reason to change the locks is for increased security. If your home has inferior locks, ones that can be easily picked or ‘jimmied,’ then how secure are you? Why take that chance? If you suspect your locks are losing their ability to keep you and your property safe, let us inspect them for you. We will repair existing locks or install new, better quality locks at your request.

In order to ensure we can answer your call quickly, we focus on providing excellent mobile and emergency locksmith services to the Rockville to Bethesda area, including Chevy Chase, Kensington, Garrett Park and Washington DC zip code 20016. Our expert locksmiths are never more than 6 miles away within our service area so we can guarantee prompt, friendly locksmith service, helping you feel safe and secure.

Let Kensington Locksmith Company serve all your residential, commercial and car lockout needs. Call 240-343-2616 for licensed and insured locksmith services whenever you them.

Residential Locksmith services:
• New, quality lock installation
• Repair or replace existing locks
• Rekeying