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If you’ve been struggling to find the best local locksmith for all your lock and home security needs in the Rockville area, you’ve found them with the Kensington Locksmith Co. We’ve proud to have been service Rockville for the past few years and have all the experience to solve all your lock problems quickly and easily.

We’ve always on call in the Rockville area. If you’re looking to find a local locksmith, and find the best – look no further than the Kensington Locksmith Co. Our team of friendly experts have years of experience serving the Rockville neighborhoods.

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Whether you need to rekey locks quickly or would like a completely new smart home system installed in your entire property, we’ve got all the expertise and passion needed to make the job a success, quickly and easily.

Emergency locksmith service

If you need to find a local locksmith quick, then you can rest easily with the knowledge that we’re always on call in the Rockville area. We should have someone there within minutes. Our emergency locksmith service is second to none, and can fix all your urgent problems quickly and easily.

No matter what you need to find a local locksmith for, you’ve found the best in the Rockville area and beyond with the Kensington Locksmith Co.  Call us today for all your local locksmith needs.

Change Locks in Kensington

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Residential locksmith Rockville

When you own your own home, you know how important security is. If you need a residential locksmith to take home security and peace of mind to the next level – you’ve found one with Kensington Locksmith Co.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, we’ll be there to change door locks and more. If you’ve lost your keys and need help fast, we should have vehicles in the Rockville area to be there in minutes. No matter why you need to find a local locksmith, you’ve found one with us.

Commercial locksmith Rockville

For all your business needs, Kensington Locksmith Co.
is here to help.

We’ve got a range of electronic lock solutions, as well as specific experience serving loads of happy commercial customers in the Rockville and Kensington areas.

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Automotive Locksmith services

Automotive service

If you’ve locked your keys in the car and need help quickly – call Kensington Locksmith Co. today and ask for car lockout service.

We’ll be there in minutes so you can be back on the road in no time.

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