Car Lockout Services

3 Lessons To Apply After Your First Car Lockout Services In Bethesda & Chevy Chase, MD

Car lockout can happen for all sorts of reasons, but whenever it happens, it can be a gigantic pain in the ass. Most people never think about locksmith service in advance until they are stuck in a lockout situation, where you are staring at your car keys through car windows and wondering how this happened. Apparently, this is the time when we feel the desperate need for a car lockout service. And if you have already been into this, obviously you would like to avoid it in the near future.

But before we dive in further, here’s the first & foremost thing you need to do in case of a lockout – Calm down, Breathe Deeply, and understand the situation. Your frustration or panic won’t help you to get out of trouble and will make the situation challenging. Here’s the 7 lessons to apply:

#1 Keep Your Keys with You and Spare Keys at Reachable Distance – The first rule of thumb while driving your car is never to leave your keys and keep the spare keys at a reachable distance (like friend’s house). In case you are en-routing a long journey, it is suggested to give spare keys to your best friend you trust the most.

#2 Seek A Viable Roadside Assistance – Lockout is usually one of the cheapest roadside assistance compared to tow services. The cost of getting your vehicle unlocked is quite pocket-friendly and reliable too. If you think you have time and the situation is not that alarming, then do consider calling a nearby car lockout service.

#3 Lockout for Unlocked Windows – A small gap in the window can give you the possibility to unlock on your own. Hence, whenever you go to the mall next time, keep a little window space open. The rule applies only when you have to park your vehicle for few minutes. Not if you have to park your car for long hours.

Have Locksmith Number Handy for on-spot services – Emergency or not so emergency, it’s good to be familiar with locksmith services at your nearby destination. The Kensington Locksmith Company is renowned as a reliable locksmith service in the remote areas of Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Kensington and has been catering impeccable services to emergency lockout calls. For locksmith services, call us at (240) 343-2616 or send us an e-mail at