4 Types of Commercial Locks To Consider

Master class. Master of ceremonies. Headmaster. Any word immediately becomes more powerful when you add the word “master” to it, doesn’t it? The same applies to master keys, which are more robust and secure than traditional keys.

When it comes to the keys for your business, though, who should you trust? Does a master key system make sense for you? How do they work? We cover all of this in today’s article.

How Master Keys Work

There are high-security locks available today that are pick-, bump- and drill-resistant—and keys that open them that cannot be copied by unauthorized personnel. Known as master keys, these devices function and look like traditional keys, but have extra security features and technology that allow you to customize where they will work. Specifically, there are components known as “master wafers” that work with the cylinders in a lock to control access. It’s also important to note that master keys can open all locks, while “change keys” only open a master lock.

Who Should Get A Master Key

Any business owner who wants to enjoy top-quality security without sacrificing peace of mind about employee access can enjoy the benefits of a master key system. These products offer top quality security without sacrifice. From simple high-security deadbolts to digital deadbolts that only allow certain keys access depending on the time of day, we have you covered. Here are some of the benefits of master keys:

  • Reduces the number of keys you carry around and track
  • It’s easier to open doors in emergency situations
  • You have more control over who can access all areas of your business
  • It’s much easier to track employees and products
  • Changing master key locks, keys or permissions is easy

How To Get A Master Key System

The only question now is, “How do you get one?” You’ll want to go with a professional locksmith for your master key system to ensure everything is installed and works properly. Locksmiths have lots of experience with locks, keys and master key systems and are the trusted choice for this area of security. Whether you need something simple or complex, a locksmith will be able to help you out.

If you’re considering a master key for your business, go with a commercial locksmith you can trust. Contact Kensington Locksmith Co. today.

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